With Such Online Learning, You Still Need Mnemonics

We tend to pride ourselves on our way being the ‘right way’ to do everything.  Having been born and raised in this tiy country, I’ve never really had any reason to question how our education system works.  I could indeed have made much more of my early opportunities – studied just that bit ore when the maths teacher was striding across the classroom, chalk in hand and desperatly warbling.  I can remember a mnemonic for trigonometry which of course involve Sin, Cosin & Tangents.  So . ..The Sign of a Public House means the Tanning of a Poor Boy and the Cause of a Broken Heart.  I think we take that as Sin = Perpendicular over Hypotenuse;    Tangent = Perpendicular over Base and finally, Cosin = Base over Hypotenuse.  It was so helpful to me for the brief period we touched on that element of maths.  Today of course, I can sign up for any number of frantastic online courses and have he world literally at my fingertips.