When School System Fails To Appeal

The choice of whether you stay on at school to do A levels or go stright to college to continue that level is something that many youngsters have to consider.  I can think of four young men and women who decided this was the way forward for them.   Thinking back, the two girls were absolutely against staying on at school because they felt left out of the ‘in crowd’ and it seemed to me to be a personality issue rather than academic.   The boys on the other hand felt they had outgrown the standard school type of education – the structures, having to conform to being treated like children.  I can remember also, they both came alive as soon as they visited their choices of further educational establishments and really got into the swing of preparing for interviews for admission.  All four are now successful in their chosen fields and have gone on to take a variety of online and top up educational courses – all job related or career focused.