Shorthand Typing Skills Gradually Fading Away

So many times you read about an actor being interviewed and amongst their little witty throw away lines they mention that they never planned to become an actor.  Lots of the older ladies had mothers who insisted they took a shorthand and typing course first – almost as a punishment for wanting to do something as risky as become an actress.   There are countless ways that being a short hand typist must have given great security to folk who were just starting off on their career ladder.  The initial training could be beefed up with the next grade up, as I managed.  I did Pitman’s elementary, intermediate and advanced typing whilst at school.  Until fairly recently, when men suddenly decided that having a laptop meant they could dispense with a secretary . . .  there was always a good lucrative means of earning an income.  Now, men do their own correspondence – all via email and sadly, rarely a business  letter is sent anywhere !