Restarting Our Opportunties With E-Learning

This is such a busy time of year – with schools, colleges and universities having had the main summer recess and all the time it takes to get back up and running for the new terms.  It’s so exciting too – I used to love the start of the new school year in September. We didn’t have the opportunity to take up extra e-learning or online studies – there were no computers of course.  It was a case of recognising my own failures and trying to find the resources in my own way.  I didn’t know that until far too late.  I have always been on the optimistic side of life and starting a new term literally brought me the chance to perhaps improve on the previous one.  I have to admit it was always a good chance I couldn’t do much worse and despite all my efforts, I seem to miss a few of the obvious points of each subject lesson throughout the term.  If I could have logged on to the fantastic e-learning systems available today I could have been that astro-scientist or a musician.  Ho hum….