Online Tutoring Brings The World To Our Feet

This is the time of year when there are all sorts of reasons given out in the media as to why this cohort of students suceeded at this subject or that and we hear what the educational establishments plan to do to weed out problematic behaviour etc.  Today we hear that some examination boards are querying students being able to wear smart watches – they are of course able to log on to the internet and the chance to cheat come high up  on the newspaper favourite tagline.  One of the best points about e-learning and online educaiton is that you are supposed to log on and research as much as you want and need – this is exactly the method by which you learn the subject and take those exams.  The degree courses available today are so wide and varied – there cannot be any career that would not be enhanced by someone starting their learning by these methods.  It opens up an entire new world and doesn’t involve cheating in a school exam room either!