Not Going OTT On Child Health & Safety

Bringing children up in this hectic and very diverse world can sometimes feel like the most difficult thing on earth.  There appear to be so many pitfalls – from whether you’re feeding them correctly, to whether they’re getting enough reading encouragement.  From another angle, the worry about how safe they are when you leave them at the school gate.  There has to be a very defined clarification between being ultra cautious and wrapping them up in ever expanding layers of cotton wool, and the reverse, which is to not worry at all and give them a false impression of their own lack of vulnarability.

This is where good education and training comes in.  For parents, it is often a case of deciding on a medium path, based on family lore and habits.  For teachers and professional child carers, this is a different matter.  Finding a good online training course on various aspects of paid child care responsibility is a must.