No Blue Stocking Needed For Blue Sky Thinking

A few years ago there was a trend going around the younger up and coming members of the business community for snappy slogans and attaching ‘themes’ to companies and products.  If you went to a modern university then it was referred to generally as ‘red brick’, rather than old stone portal.   Anyone hoping to score top marks with brilliant ideas that were far reaching and stimulating would be described as ‘a blue sky thinker’  and in a way it pigeon holes us for that period in time.  Any women who succeeded in business after going to a prestigious fee paying school for example would universally be referred to a ‘the blue stocking type’ – despite having worked jolly hard to gain her qualifications through knowledge and how to apply it.  Gaining additional qualifications for any vocational direction is much easier today with e-learning and online courses that are very job specific.