Little By Little, Education Drip Fed Via Online Courses

When we think of schools all we generally recall is our own sorry attempt at learning in a large class environment.  The mix of bored disruptive children with bored under achieving teacher can make for a volatile atmosphere for most folk.  The lessons have changed for the better, but whilst some of the content and presntation skills have vastly improved, for every ‘super lesson’ there are hundreds of mediocre run of the mill teacher led lessons going on in mainstream schools today.  So for the discerning parent, how about checking onlne with the latest trends on online learning -e degrees and the supply of online teaching courses in any subject and efectively, any age group.  Knowing how to learn is a critical lesson in itself.  Just listening to facts and figures is rarely the answer to any education methodology.  Being able to take information and re learn it in chunks is the basis for online learing.