Life Chances Call For E-Education Choices

I was talking with my neighbour recently – she has changed her career since moving into the area.  Having got her degree in biology, she took it further to a masters degree with the intention of taking a career in forensic siciences.  This all worked out quite well when she got a job at a life sciences laboratory working alongside teams testing various medicines and drugs for dangerous diseases.  Despite many problems with animal rights activits at the time, she did well in that line and progressed to the level above.  All this time she just undertook her employers own in house learning schemes.  Success with the online learning brought her much needed confidence to apply for promotion to another level and this was rewarded with recognition in her field.  Once she moved down here there was less pressure to succeed and the arrival of children meant she sought less challenges.  However, she missed the learning discipline of  e-learning and deadlines for the training courses.  Online education has so many benefits for students – they can study a subject that really grabs them, in their own time and without the hassle of travelling.