Knowledge Safely Stored Resurfaces For Quiz Shows

Watching someone trying to teach me any subject can be alarming through all the emotions back round to hilariously funny.  I am absolutely hopeless if given a text book or notes to read in readiness to sit an exam.  The words just go in, swill around for a few moments and then file out again without even touching the sides.  Or so I always suggest.  But looking at quiz shows – and there are many on tv in the daytime, I am astounded and immensley proud of the amazing amount of information this brain has managed to store away.  Little nuggets of info that you don’t recall every asking, but which has evidently found a ledge to sit on in my brain.

There are much younger candidates on – the formula tends to be two men, two women.  One of each set older by miles than the other.    I win.  Knowledge pouring out of me in confident recall !