Even Top Beaks Can Struggle With Training

When going for any kind of career, it is mandatory that some kind of training will be needed.  If a civil servant, then this is inescapable. the ones showing you how to behave, how not to behave.  How to fill in expenses claims, how to fillin the electronic flexi time sheet and annual leave chart.  This is before you even sit down to learn the job for which you have been engaged.

My last official posting involved me administering training courses for members of the judiciary.  I would have to check the last time candidates had attended this training or that, each area of the law they dealt with would have a new set of statutes every few years, it was a legal requirement to ensure each member was as up to date as possible with the training.  This is where the difference in learning modes was obvious. Some like hands on demonstrations.  Others like the bellow from the front and hope they absorb method.