Education Pays Off With Efforts On Both Sides

There has been much about education in the press lately.  Mostly at the upper end of the equation, if you’ll excuse the pun.   The head teachers and management of academies are paying themselves fantastic salaries – treating their jobs the same as any other lucrative money making business.  A far cry from the days when I was at school and the head teacher was stern, well learned and a stickler for discipline and good manners.  In return our one was fair and a good guide to us all on how to do a job well if you took your educational opportunities seriously and tried your very best.  The world was our oyster and we could expect to achieve much, but only if we buckled down and learned everything our tutors wanted to drum into us.  this included doing homework and taking responsibility for ourselves and looking out for chums.  You get out more when you put in more.