Early Forms Of Career Based Training

How well I remember my poor old dad going off to night school to retrain in his chosen career.  Having been in the forces, he became an apprenticed aircraft engineer on aircraft carriers.  A very dangerous occupation and one that had very specific training at the time.  After he left that life behind, he became a rep for a brewery – a very popular job for some men quite probably, but it was only a comfortable stepping stone for dad.  He had other ideas.  He wanted to combine his talent for sketching with illustrating and doing technical drawing.  So after working all day he would go to night school twice a week to learn the essentials.  It obviously worked – he was able to get a job at the very important aircraft factory that was building the marvellous supersonic aircraft that defined our country for a few short years – I am so proud he was able to make his contriution to that exciting project.