E-Learning Schemes Help Make Up For Bullied Time Lost

I can remember a great deal about my school days.  Some of these memories are brilliantly funny and keep me inspired.  Others are very dark, sad and make my skin crawl with either retained embarrassment, or just fright that I was able to be coerced or manipulated by bullies in my class.  There were not the e-education or online learning schemes of today – no means to make up for lost time by singing on to a brilliantly job or subject focused top up educationalk course.  This would have made such a difference to someone who wanted to run away and miss maths lessons because of one difficult phase.   Sometimes it is difficult to get past the problem of bullying children.  In a large school atmosphere, there are of course many types of personality.  I have always found e-learning to be very much my style throughout my working years.  Worth every moment logged on!