E-Learning For The Career – Art For The Love Of It

I have a youngster amid my extended family and she’s now  soaking up learning and education like asponge.  For most of her teenage years, she has been sitting in the corner of the room quietly sketching anyone and anything attracting her immediate attention.  Rather like a war reporter.   She has a very impressive gallery of pictures nd filled sketch pads.  Everyone assumed she would major in art and has never really thought about another stream of learning.  Now that she’s in her gcse year and results of  ‘mocks’ are the instrument govening her next stage, she has suddenly gone into over-drive with wanting to bone up on other subjects.  Realising that art is a luxury subject and not taken very seriously by schools, she has taken to revising the core subject big time using e-learning and online education courses.  Her whole ethos has changed and she’s keen as mustard to get the highest possible grades in all!