Cricket Banter Made A Good Education Appear Worthless

I was listening to a ‘warts and all’ interview of a celebrity on radio the other week.  Coming to the programme after the start, I was initially unclear as to the subject of the frankly syrupy banter going around the studio.  It took me a few moments of light concentration to catch the voice – I am very good at that as a rule.  Having got my first clue, I listened on to a quick run down of the candidate’s education – he elaborated rather on having been a bad boy at school – obviously a fee paying one.  I say obviously – no one at state school would have been so full of ego to try some of the apparent capers.   It turned out to be the very well known and popular cricketer from the 1980s I had first thought of.  Funny raconteur and good sportsman in his day but a rather less effective advertisement for going through the privately educated route to anything – other than stardom!