Civil Service Or Apprenticeships Focused E-Training Courses

Young people today have rather too much choice in how they set about getting a career.  The schools are geared up entirely to getting every single student into university – not for the good of the student but for the good of the school league tables and reporting.  The government has various means of getting in to be a civil servant – graduates can apply for the fast track scheme in which they are taken on my one ministry and work their way up through junior management posts – not really helpful to my kind of civil service career, I was one of the plodders who got there on merit!  Training courses though for all ivil servants are better than most of the ordinary office based ones.  They are expensive but streamined.  also available today are specialist e-learning courses for candidates to take in preparation to apply for apprenticeships and national civil service careers.  The gov web site has all sorts of interesting pages about training and study at work and how to find the right course to get the right job.  This is a most useful feature and should suit/